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January Exposure

January Exposure - Sunny Benson What was the author's purpose or purposes in writing this book? To provide readers with an intriguing compelling, non-stop page turning read.

If you could continue the story, what events would you include? I would have had Tandy adopt Clarissa's baby. Because it was already mentioned in the book.

List the five major events in the story. Tandy calls Ellie to come over, because Rick is moving out / Carmen is kidnapped / Rick is murdered / Ellie finds Carmen / Ellie finds out Brandon killed Rick.

Tell in your own words the beginning of the book. Ellie is called to come to Tandy's house. Tandy is wearing Ricks favorite boxers and he's moving everything out of the house into a moving van. Ellie flattens the tires, so Rick can't take anything.

Disclosure: I received a review copy of this book from the author.