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Deadly Memories

Deadly Memories - S.D. O'Donnell List the characters and describe them. Saul - Retired detective Chuck - His ex partner Jayne - woman with amnesia Mrs. Blackstone - Saul's neighbor Dr. Frank - Jayne's doctor Meg - neighbor Dean - Jayne's husband Kennedy - Murderer

If your book was a mystery, tell what the mystery was and how it was solved. Where Jayne was found. Took place in Denver. Saul was a detective. Jayne had amnesia and was running or hiding from someone or something. A murderer had resurfaced and was seeking revenge.

What problems does one of the characters have, and how does he or she solve it? A women with amnesia was found, she was nearly dead. They found out who she was and where she came from. And why she was chosen as a murder victim.

Where did the story take place? Denver

Disclosure: I received a review copy of this book from the author.